Art Therapy Diploma Course

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The Diploma Course offers a more rounded and enriched education in art therapy and comprises 5 modules of in-depth material.

(Before enrolling in the Diploma Course, you must first complete the Certificate Course.)

In preparation for the course, please read through the following...

Set Your Environment

  • An open schedule. Undistracted time.
  • An uncluttered study space.
  • A friend who makes themselves available for a quick chat when necessary.
  • Your phone off or on silent.

Gather Your Materials

In general, you'll need the following:

  • A4 paper, A3 paper and/or Canvasses
  • Drawing and Painting Tools such as coloured pencils, oil or soft crayons, brushes, watercolours or acrylic paint.

Course Content

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Before You Begin
Module 11
Module 12
Module 13
Module 14
Module 15