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The Certificate Course offers an engaging and comprehensive education in art therapy and comprises 10 modules of in-depth material.

(Once you have graduated from the Certificate Course, you are eligible to enrol in the Diploma Course.)

In preparation for the course, please read through the following...

Set Your Environment

  • An open schedule. Undistracted time.
  • An uncluttered study space.
  • A friend who makes themselves available for a quick chat when necessary.
  • Your phone off or on silent.

Gather Your Materials

In general, you'll need the following:

  • A4 paper, A3 paper and/or Canvasses
  • Drawing and Painting Tools such as coloured pencils, oil or soft crayons, brushes, watercolours or acrylic paint.
  • Clay (Module 5)
  • Shoebox, scissors, glue, sticky tape, egg carton and other materials of your choice such as pipe cleaners, paddle pop sticks, cotton wool, etc. (Module 7)
  • Old magazines (Module 9)

Helpful Tip:

When working with abstract images, the layering of colours is essential. With clients, I find I don't have enough time between the drying of different layers. For this reason, I use Caran d ’Ache Neocolor I oil crayons during my sessions. Although a little expensive (available online), I highly recommend buying yourself a set of 15 or 30 crayons.

They're great for layering different levels of colour without becoming messy as normal oil crayons tend to do, and they also tend to last for a long time.

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